Motivate Me Monday - Meal Planning, Calorie Counting, and Step Taking

Sorry, not sorry for the random fizzy owl picture, but it is my happy picture for the week. These guys are my little good luck charms and I've been practicing my photography.  I was really happy with how this picture came out.  Kind of funky, right?

So I'm diving into this week bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take back the day, kick butt, so on and so on.  So how did I do on my goals from last week?
Last week Nuun was my hydration hero
  • Fitbit - We had a bumpy middle-of-the-week, but I came back strong.  I hit my 10k per day Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Not only did I hit the 10k per day, but I hit every fitness goal on each of those days. #Winning
  • Moov - Well, I still love you and even though I didn't use you Monday through Thursday, I did finally buckle down and do the 7 Minute+ Workout on Friday.  Good, right?  Wrong.  I spent most of Friday and Saturday wanting to die.  Note to self: anything resembling heavy cardio or abdominal work will lead to much regret. #LessonLearned
  • Gutsy Girl - Did you notice I followed you almost to the letter Friday, most of Saturday, and all of Sunday?  Good food choices = empowerment.  Empowerment means not wanting to eat the frosting off the 12 pack of cupcakes my son bought at the grocery store and then blame it on fairies. #Hypothetical
  • 13.1 miles - I blew that goal right out of the water.  My total Fitbit miles for the week are in and around 35.  Not too shabby at all.  That's all my walking and activity for the week, not just actual walking/dreadmill time. #JustSaying
Look at those stats! Well, not Tuesday or Wednesday.
Goals for this week -
  • Welcome back, Fitbit.  We're still doing 10k per day and I'm using you to track my calories for the week.  I've actually been food logging since Friday and I'm doing pretty well (in terms of honesty, anway).  And Fitbit? In exchange for being my wrist coach, I won't forget to charge you mid-week again.  #MyBad
  • Moov, I'm not giving up on you.  I don't care that I have the physique of an apple right now, no anything that involves ab work or anything that causes any abdominal movement.  So I want to brisk walk at Level 7 three times this week.  #Optimistic
Easier said than done
  • The gym.  Oh God, the gym.  I'm going to the gym this week and I'm going to go three times.  This fills me with such anxiety that I can't even.  But I'm facing my fears, the treadmill, and the free weights and getting my butt back in there.  #MoralSupportNeeded #FacingTheMeanGirls
  • I did a full on meal plan this week.  Why?  My doctor says it's time to start "testing myself."  This is code for "you paid a $200 copay to be told make choices that will make you miserable."  Sounds fun, right?  I've got wistful hopes that when I put pea and asparagus soup with homemade ricotta in front of my husband and kids, they'll eat it, love it, and not think I've officially gone off the deep end. #WishfulThinking
Still haven't settled on a running plan for the 5k at the end of April and I have to knock that out.  Honestly I feel like if I keep up with my walking and my diet, I can finish no problem.  I won't PR and I may not even do anything beyond a brisk walk, but I'm tackling that all one day at a time. 

In big news for the week, on Wednesday is my big scan.  Yup, that's right...  The scan that will hand me some life-defining answers to my health is scheduled for April Fool's Day.  Oh, the irony.  Right now my biggest fear is forgetting I'm not supposed to wear eyeliner (yes, that's a real restriction) and not the results themselves.  I expect this will change in and around 12:59pm on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Speaking of medical fun, the Prednisone taper continues and my reaction to it can be described as nothing short of nightmarish.  Insert statement about my hatred of Prednisone here.  As a result, my doctor has adjusted/extended my taper from 14 days to a month and a half. Because awesome.  

This week's motivational picture...  I don't know.  It speaks to me this week.  Don't judge me.

Sourced from here, found on Pinterest. Like most of my life.


  1. Props to you for meal planning, that takes a lot of work but I am sure you will see the benefits of it later. I am actually terrible at it- need to start but I always get overwhelmed! Good luck with your test, I will be thinking about you!

  2. Great job on the meal planning! I am always so much happier when I do (which so far has only been for the 3-Day Refresh the several times I have done it, and the 21 Day Fix!), but it makes life so much easier when the guesswork is removed! I love the tone of your blog. So fun! Best of luck with your scan!